As the heat piles on, you don't have to cover up to keep it office-appropriate, especially when you make smart switches to lightweight fabrics, bright colors, and breezy silhouettes that get the job done without compromising on style or comfort.

When it comes to selecting summer wear for the office, it pays to do so cautiously. Workplaces have different rules regarding how employees should dress and it’s up to the human resources staff to educate employees about what’s suitable. When it is hot outside, people want to wear clothing that’s more comfortable in the hot weather, but it may not be appropriate in the workplace. This guide is to help you crack the code of what may or may not be acceptable as appropriate work dressing on that hot sweating day. So read this before you pick up that outfit for work

Below, we've culled 5 office-style game changers to shake up your Monday to Friday dressing routine in the best way possible. Think printed pants, boxy modern tops, and a cool new carryall to take you right into the boardroom in style.

Rule 1
If it smells, if it’s torn, if you’ve slept in it, or if it looks like you slept in it, you shouldn’t wear it to the office. Warmer weather is not a license to throw dress decorum out the window. Your clothes should always be cleaned and pressed. If you don’t want the clients to see you in it, then you shouldn’t wear it.

Rule 2
Shorts are almost always a no-go in professional office environments. But if you do opt for shorts, make sure they are an appropriate length. Anything that’s more than an inch above the knee is probably too short.

Rule 3
Flip flops have no place in an office environment. Low-heeled, semi-casual sandals are probably OK to wear to your office job, but flip flops are too casual. No flip flops, regardless of where you work.

Rule 4
Message T-shirts from tanks baring your beloved football team’s insignia to T-shirts adorned with images of your favorite band are a no-no. Especially with the football season starting out. It’s usually best to leave shirts proclaiming your favorite pastimes and personal tastes at home.

Still, employees should use their best judgment. What’s acceptable for a concert promoter might be ill-advised for a business executive. If that’s part of your office culture and it’s not an offensive T-shirt or slogan, then that’s fine. For a lot work environments, it would not be fine.

Rule 5
Anything see-through. If your undergarments are clearly visible beneath that new white sundress or blouse, you probably shouldn’t wear it to the office. Look in the mirror. Look in different light. For a sundress, you probably should have some kind of sweater or something on for the office. Again, if it’s spaghetti-strapped or sleeveless or bare-backed, you probably need something else over it for most work items.

We know you ladies hold the key to the best tips so let's hear your tips, or better yet, share your experiences below.